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In this quick start guide, we'll create a customer segment using a demo dataset from an e-commerce store, so you can see how Supergrain works โ€“ in less than 5 minutes.

If you're looking to connect Supergrain to your own customer data, check out the Get Started section for a walk-through.

A simple use caseโ€‹

Imagine we're running an e-commerce store and we're trying to find a group of customers to offer a promotion.

To do this, we're going to create a customer segment in Supergrain, using a sample e-commerce dataset in a sandbox workspace that's already been setup for you.

  1. In the upper-left corner of the the Supergrain app, click on the dropdown to to ensure you've selected "Demo Workspace" as shown below:

  1. Click the Datasets tab to view the objects and events that have been preloaded for us. We will build our segment on these datasets.

  2. Now click on the Segments tab. Click New Segment and Visual Builder to get started.

We want offer coupons to users who have shown intention to buy recently, but who abandoned recently, but who have high lifetime value overall.

Create a segmentโ€‹

Now use the visual builder to define our business logic.

  1. Add an event condition:
    • View at least 5 times
    • Time window: less than 6 months ago
  2. Add an event condition:
    • Purchase exactly 0 times
    • Time window: less than 6 months ago
  3. Add a property condition:
    • LIFETIME_VALUE greater than 200

Finally, preview and save the segment. That's it! Supergrain will now take care of updating this segment for you.


Under the hood, Supergrain is compiling the this business logic into a SQL query that runs against the demo e-commerce data.

Next stepsโ€‹

We showed you a simple example, but the possibilities with Supergrain are endless:

Looking to send our email offer to this segment? Want to create a more sophisticated segment? Contact us to get a demo of what we're cooking up!

Ready to create segments on your own data? Continue to the next section.